Elliott Funeral Chapel offers a wide variety of cremation caskets and cremation urns.

Marble Urns

Solid natural marble urns feature unique and distinctive veining patterns and a natural beauty that cannot be duplicated while cultured marble urns give the look of natural marble at an affordable price.

Cloisonne Urns

Reflecting the delicate art of the Orient, cloisonne urns make an elegant tribute to a loved one. The bright floral patterns are handcrafted, making each urn a uniquely beautiful memorial.

Hardwood Urns

Like fine furniture, hardwood urns are made from a variety of woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak. Distinctive graining patterns assure that no two hardwood urns are exactly alike.

Urn Vaults

Elliott Funeral Chapel offers the Wilbert Bronze Triune Urn Vault. Among other urn vaults are the Wilbert Copper Triune Urn Vault, Wilbert SST Triune Urn Vault, Wilbert Veteran Urn Vault, Wilbert Cameo Rose Urn Vault, Wilbert Venetian Urn Vault, Wilbert Monticello Urn Vault and the Wilbert Universal Urn Vault. Many cemeteries in the area now require an urn vault for burial of cremains.