Making pre-arrangements for your funeral

Pre-planned funerals have become an option for many families. Personal, financial, and legal considerations make pre-planning desirable. Even more so, planning your final arrangements in advance relieves your family members of many decisions about your funeral during their time of loss.

We offer the finest pre-arrangement services available so that you and your family can plan and prepare for the future. A pre-paid funeral can guarantee that the arrangements you make today will be available just as you specified, without additional cost. For those who pre-pay their funeral, the guidelines provided by law specify that the funds be held in trust or insurance by an independent financial institution.

Plans can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Payment plans are available or your existing insurance policies can be used to fund your pre-planned funeral. You will find the advice of your family, minister, and funeral director helpful when considering your options. We will record all your wishes and vital information, as well as, assist in gathering documents to keep at the funeral home. After deciding the details for the funeral, you can select any merchandise you may desire for your service.

You have the opportunity to make your choices with freedom from the usual urgencies that are created when a death occurs. For specific information about this service and any related funeral questions, we are available for appointments either at the funeral home or in your home.